Gene Szafran
Original Art
Gene Szafran was born in Hamtramck,
Michigan. He attended
The College for
Creative Studies
and Society of Arts and
in Detroit, where he later taught.
He was also an instructor at the famed Pratt
Institute in Brooklyn, NY.
He got his start in the Detroit studios,
working on auto advertisements and
free-lance projects.
Gene produced over 125 covers for various
publishers including Bantam Books and
New American Library.  His work
appeared on books by Robert A. Heinlein,
Robert Silverberg, Ray Bradbury,
Poul Anderson and many others.
The cover of Robert Silverberg's 'The
Second Trip' is a sculpture done by Gene.
He also did work for many magazines,
including Boy's Life, Cosmopolitan,
Fortune, McCall's, Penthouse and Playboy.
He illustrated children's books, a
cookbook, religious pamphlets and many
record albums, and won the 1969 Grammy
for the Rhinoceros cover.
If you have information on anything not
shown please contact me
Thanks to Lynne Pauls Baron, Dave LeClair, Attila,
Jeff Elmquist, Lisa Jaskot, Ingrid Norton, Timothy Branson
and Beth H.  for their help. Thanks also to those people
who took the time to scan art for the internet.

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April 11, 1941 - Jan. 8, 2011
Gene Szafran Playboy May 1967
Gene Szafran 1960 Nude