May 21, 2011
It has been a long week, and one of sadness due to the untimely death of Jeffrey Catherine Jones.
Jeff has had many health issues over the years, and they finally caught up to her.
She has left us with an impressive body of work, and many wonderful memories for those of us who knew her.
Maria Cabardo has been working on a film of Jeff's life and work,  and it is nearing completion.
She is accepting donations to help with the final work needed.
I am offering a free signed & numbered Jeffrey Jones print if you send her at least $75.
I am also offering an unsigned color print for a $25 minimum.

The following link will take you to the free print pages -
there is a link on the page for MaCab Films
with a few trailers and outtakes from the film in progress.

May 19,2011
Jeffrey Catherine Jones passed away this morning.  A very sad day for all of us.

September 2, 2010

It has been some time since I have updated this news page. I have been busy promoting the prints that I have
produced this year, and in this economy struggling to continue to produce product that you
MUST have.
Anything else isn't worth doing.  Going forward I will produce the prints and have them signed & numbered first,
and then offer them for purchase. I appreciate everyone's support with advance orders, but there have been
too many delays with production. I don't know if I would have been as patient as all of you have been.
I have just released a new print by
Jeffrey Catherine Jones, and this is now available.  It is being released in
a strict limitation of only
75 prints.   This print is titled The Great Cloud is available Here.

I finally found the time to scan all of the art
Bernie Wrightson produced for  The Stand by Stephen
. I was fortunate enough to be doing work with Bernie when his illustrations were finally being used in a
new edition of King's classic novel, and was able to produce a limited edition portfolio of the work.  Bernie was
nice enough to produce a new piece of art exclusive to the portfolio.  I think the work stands as some of his best
pen & ink illustration since his Frankenstein work.  All thirteen pieces are posted

There are quite a few new pages added to the site dedicated to the art of
Gene Szafran.  Gene did work in
the science fiction and fantasy field in the late sixties and early seventies, as well as work for magazines such as
Playboy, Boy's Life, and McCall's, as well as illustrating children's books and doing work for album covers.
He won a Grammy in 1969 for his cover to Rhiocerous' first album. You can see his work

I am working to get the
Ray Bradbury / Tomislav Tikulin print of Dandelion Wine out and shipped. If
you can bear with me this will get done, and I think you'll be impressed with the results. It is a gorgeous painting.
If you have not ordered this yet you may do so


May 17, 2010

As of today all the POETRY prints that were pre-ordered have shipped. There are copies here available
for sale.  I would like to once again thank
Barry Windsor-Smith and his assistant Alex Bialy for all their
help with this project. Any delays I had with this were my own, as they did all they could to help facilitate things. I
look forward to doing more with them in the future.

April 23, 2010

Hello Everyone. I picked up the POETRY prints yesterday and they look fantastic. I will get them signed
Barry Windsor-Smith as quickly as possible, and then begin shipping. I also picked up the color
corrected proof of the
Dandelion Wine print, and it is gorgeous. These will be printed shortly, and then
sent over to
Tomislav Tikulin in Croatia for signing. Once back I will fly out to Los Angeles to have Ray
sign the deluxe edition of 50. If you are interested in either of these prints you can order here.
There are installments available for those interested in that.
As you can see on the site I have also lined up two new projects that are currently being worked on.
There is a set of two prints by
Leo & Diane Dillon titled The Deathbird that will be signed by both
artists, as well as being signed by
Harlan Ellison, the author whose work the art illustrated.
The second is a gorgeous digital piece by
Bruce Jensen that was a cover for an Omnibus collection by
Robert Silverberg titled Other Dimensions. It will be signed by the artist as well as Mr. Silverberg.
Thanks once again to everyone for their support.


April 2, 2010

The folders for the Barry Windsor-Smith print POETRY are here and look beautiful. I am expecting the
prints to be ready in the next two weeks, and will ship as soon as I have them in hand.


March 19, 2010

I wanted to post an update for the POETRY print by Barry Windsor-Smith as it is running late.
The foil stamped folders are in production, and I can go to press at any time on the prints themselves. I have not
done so as Epson stopped making the paper I chose to use. I have been looking at comparable replacements,
and have had a couple test prints done, though I have not liked the results. I can still get the paper I want in a
lighter weight, but I want something more substantial, worthy of the art I am reproducing.
My printer has been very helpful, and we have looked at a handful of papers that meet my criteria. As of this
past Friday he is of the understanding that Epson is going to start making the heavier paper again as they
received so many complaints from customers. I am waiting for confirmation on that and as soon as I know
something one way or the other, I will make a decision and post it here.
Thanks to those who have ordered. As always I appreciate your support.

February 1st, 2010 -

Glimmer Graphics has just made an agreement with Ray Bradbury to sign the first 50 copies of our upcoming
limited edition Giclée by fantasy artist
Tomislav Tikulin from Croatia. These will be offered to our regular
customers first, and if any are left they will be offered on a first come basis. I have already started to receive
requests for these, so let me know soon if you are interested.  More information here -
Regular customers  will be notified and given time to decide if they want the two signature edition.
I have also been getting some older work up on the site as time allows.
I have just posted the Arthur Suydam print we did in 1990 of his beautiful painting
As you know Arthur is the artist who has made
Zombies come alive over at Marvel
There is now a
Stephen King page for the two related projects we did based on his work.

January 17, 2010 -

I woke up a few weeks ago with all this New Year energy, and the first thing I set about doing was to get one
of the works by
Barry Windsor-Smith that we have planned on publishing into production. Thanks to
Barry and Alex Bialy for being so patient and helping me fine tune
POETRY. I am now accepting advance
orders on this, and you can make installment payments as well. Release date for this is March 15th, 2010. Order
here -

December 16, 2009 -

There have been several very nice postings regarding the new "A Game of Thrones" print by Jeffrey Jones,
and I wanted to thanks those involved in print for supporting Jeff and myself in this endeavor.
The first one I saw was on The Golden Age site -
If you are into comic art or illustration art of any kind, this in the site to check every day. They must have people
working around the clock posting all the beautiful work you see on there.
The second post I saw was sent to me by Arnie Fenner,  one of the designers on all those great Underwood
Art Books. Arnie & his wife Cathy put out the amazing collection known as Spectrum every year -
The third mention was sent to me by Jeffrey Jones, and the person running this web site has mentioned my
prints previously, and I'd like to thank him again for the support -
This site has a great link to Jeff's web site where you can see "A Game of Thrones" as a work in progress -

December 15, 2009 -

Today I added several pages devoted to Phil Hale, including one for The Insomnia Portfolio which I
published in 1996. I had written to Phil asking about possibly doing a print, and he sent me a packet of photos.
On the backs of several he had written 'Stephen King - Insomnia'. I was curious about these so I set them aside
and set about working on the print, which was "Jerry Lee", published in 1995. In the mean time I put together a
project that turned into the Insomnia Portfolio. I wrote to
Stephen King asking if he would sign the edition,
and his secretary wrote back saying he would. I then contacted Phil and told him what I'd like to do, and that
King would be involved.
When doing a portfolio of art that has already been published as illustrations for a book, it's always nice to be
able to offer something new and exclusive to the project. I asked Phil if he would do a new painting for the
portfolio, and he said he would. It took him longer than either of us had anticipated, and put the project off
schedule, but it was an amazing painting,  probably the best of the package,  and well worth the wait. Prior to
getting it, I asked Phil if he had done any art for the book that had not been used. Since I was running late I
wanted to add something to the package that had not been advertised, as a bonus. There was a different
version of the cover, and I added that to the package. There are two other things that make the portfolio art
different. The color piece used on the portfolio jacket was printed in black & white in the book, and there was
another painting that had been printed upside down in the book.
There are
400 of the regular signed & numbered edition  that come in a black linen folder. There were also 10
done with red folders that came with an original drawing done by Phil.
I am sold out of this, but I believe Robert Weiner of
Donald Grant Books may have copies for sale.
Robert has also published several books of Phil's amazing artwork that may still be available.

December 14, 2009 -

At this time I can announce I have released the Jeffrey Jones print, "A Game of Thrones". After
producing offset lithographic prints for years, and having wonderful people produce things for me, I literally had
to start from scratch to get this print out. All of those companies I did business with before are gone. Almost
everything is now digital.
The hold up on this print was the presentation folder. I designed the folder, and then visited several people
who do die cutting and stamping to get quotes and samples.  To make a long story short I found the right
person, and they did a wonderful job.
The company doing the Giclée printing for me does exceptional work, and it is some of the best reproduction I
have seen.  I have several other pieces by Jeffrey planned for the near future.
Please go to the contact page and email me with any questions. Thank you to everyone who ordered this print.
I couldn't do these projects without your support. Thanks also to Jeffrey Jones for allowing me to present
her work. It is an honor to be able to publish these amazing pieces.