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Jamie Brick is an amazing arist who creates
stunning objects of art. They start out as life
casts and Jamie works them into creatures
with their own identity. Pictured right is
Serenity. You can see more
Subterranean Press produces some of the best limited
editions in the market, and the two pictured here are
prime examples. If you want their books order early, as
they sell out quickly. If you didn't get Mirror Kingdoms
with the beautiful cover by
Michael Kaluta featuring a
tasty collection of Peter S. Beagle's short fiction, both
editions are sold out.
There are several Ray Bradbury books you'll want to
A Pleasure To Burn was just released. Order before
it's gone as well.
Mixed Media
I met Mark Roland on the web through discussions on art and music, and have
ended up purchasing several hand pulled prints from him. His work is beautiful and
has many facets as you can see
Here. The latest Realms of Fantasy has cover art by
Mark in collaboration with Alan M. Clark. They also did Fallen Giants # 6 shown on
the left. Click image to order. Take a look at his work. I know you'll enjoy it.
February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010

As many of you may have heard Frank Frazetta has passed
away. If you are on my site looking at fantasy art there is no
need to tell you who Frank was. Frazetta took all the fantastic
art that came before him, and fused it into his own unique
style, creating one of the most dynamic artistic expressions to
date. I think it safe to say that there isn't anyone who came
after that wasn't influenced one way or another. I had the
pleasure of meeting Frank and Ellie years ago at the opening
of the first Museum. There were many of his fans there, and
he was just wonderful to us. Getting to see his originals in
person was a pleasure. I hope they continue to be displayed.
HERE for Frank's Wikipedia page.
Maria Cabardo and her crew have been working
on a film on the life of
Jeffrey Catherine Jones
for some time now, and it is nearing completion.
They have interviewed many of Jeffrey's peers,
and this promises to be a wonderful document on
Jeffrey's choices, both professional and personal.
You can see a promotional clip of the film
Fallen Giants # 6
Last Updated June 30, 2010
Al Williamson passed away recently.
He had been ill for some time, and
this is a sad loss for his family and
many friends. I had met Al several
times and he always had great stories
and was easy to talk to. He leaves
behind a great legacy. Click
for his Wikipedia page, which gives
a great overview of his career.