Michael Wm. Kaluta
Michael Wm. Kaluta - Inking Survey
(Books of Magic, House of Mystery, The Shadow)
by Larry Dempsey

Internet 1999
(No longer available)
Larry:  Do you ink primarily with brush or pen?

Michael:  I ink primarily with a pen. A dip pen. I use the Gillott 1950 Artist's Point, almost exclusively.

LD:  What other tools do you ink with most often?

MwK:  I can say I do use technical pens, sometimes. For straight lines; rulers, triangles and so on.

LD:  What kind of ink do you use?

MwK:  These days, I use any ink that is black and wet and somewhat waterproof. All my inks of
Choice have been discontinued. That ink was another Steig product, called FW Black Waterproof
Ink. Steig still makes an FW ink for acetate, but that's not the same. SO, now I use Pelikan and
Higgins Engrossing Ink.

LD:  What kind of eraser do you use?

MwK:  Generally, an Eberhard Faber kneaded eraser. But when drawing with a Mongol Pencil, I use
the eraser on the other end of that yellow pencil and a kneaded eraser to wipe out The Big Stuff.

LD:  What do you use to fix mistakes?

MwK:  I use Steig's Pen-Opaque. One pass coverage, and one can use it easily in a dip pen.

LD:  How many pages can you ink in one day?

MwK:  I would ink no more than one page in a day unless under extreme pressure. Under extreme
pressure, I have inked three pages in a day. But not often, and certainly not by choice.

LD:  If you could only give one tip or piece of advice about inking, what would it be?

MwK:  My one tip; make certain the drawing you are going to ink is a good one, with all the
problems worked out. That way, the inking will be a breeze.
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.
Gillott 1950 Artist's Point