Michael Wm. Kaluta

Cover - "The Very Same Dream Night After Night" - Portfolio of Fantasy plate
Title Page Illustration - Forbidden Takes of Dark Mansions # 7 Cover art
Copyright Page Illustration - The Lost Valley of Iskander Chapter X Illustration - paperback version

4 Pg.
7 Pg. "Death Is A Sailor"
2 Pg. "As Night Falls: Michelle's Song"
6 Pg. "Dead End"
2 Pg. "As Night Falls: Cheryl's Song"
6 Pg. "The Cosmos Strain"
1 Pg. "The Bookshelf"

16 Pg. Color Portfolio

4 Pg. "Among The Scarabaeidae"
7 Pg.
"Sea of Graves"
3 Pg. "Necromancy"
8 Pg. "The Horror Within & Without"
5 Pg. "The Gardener"
2 Pg. "As Night Falls: Sally's Song"

Back Cover - The Lost Valley of Iskander Illustration pg. 85 (Detail)

The contents of this book were all reprints except for "Among The Scarabaeidae", which
was published here for the first time. The cover image was colored for this book.
Back Cover
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.