Pictured here are several books focusing on Michael's art.
Chutes Libres is a French book that was published in 1979,
the same year as The Studio book.
Coming in September is the second Sketchbook from IDW
Michael finished a sketch started during the Studio days for the cover of
the Treasury. Once the book was published he added several elements
to the painting, and a lithograph print was produced of the image.
THE STUDIO. You almost say it in hushed tones, recalling all the great
art that was created both in and out of the space. The book itself has
become a must have on any art student or fans' shelf. Jeffrey Jones,
Michael Kaluta, Barry Windsor-Smith and Bernie Wrightson shared a  
space from 1976 through 1979, and this book is the culmination of
what was created during those years, if not all actually at The Studio.
Michael Wm. Kaluta